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Clean Roof LLC is the highest qualified Roof Washing and Roof Cleaning company in Knoxville, Tn! Who is the best roof cleaning company near me? It’s Clean Roof LLC!


As former roof installers, we are trained and insured specifically for soft-wash roof cleaning, which is different from pressure washing. We encourage you to think twice before hiring a pressure washing company to clean your roof due to potential shingle damage and voided roof warranties. Clean Roof LLC knows the recommendations from each shingle manufacturer, so if you want to hire a professional soft-wash company that has roofing experience to clean your roof, please give us a text or phone call today!


This is an excellent video from ARMA. It is a MUST-SEE before you hire any company to clean your home’s shingles.


Just a handful of jobs out of thousands we’ve done for happy clients surrounding Knoxville! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the most current roofing and soft-wash customers we’ve helped.


From shingles to tile, we have installed all sorts of roofs. Because of our experience, we have exceptionally skilled knowledge for cleaning your shingles safely without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. Often communities will collectively hire our cleaning services, creating big savings for each homeowner.

We realize that your landscaping is as important as having a clean roof. We protect your plants by neutralizing our cleaning solution, keeping plants wet before and while thoroughly rinsing your roof. Be at ease, we have never killed a plant and we don’t plan on starting with yours!

“We always strive to provide quality and professional service.”
– Owner,  Steven Sadler, Clean Roof LLC

Had a great experience with Stephen at Clean Roof! Had a whole house and roof soft wash done. It came cleaner than I ever imagined it would. The black streaks that were on my roof are now gone and the house looks amazing. Highly recommend!

Crystal Burnes Avatar Crystal Burnes
May 7, 2021

I recently called Clean Roof, LLC to come out and clean a portion of my north facing roof. Steven Sadler came out and used a soft scrub process to remove the discoloring caused by algae and now the roof looks great. Everything from the initial quote to the final invoice was handled efficiently and professionally. Unlike some contractors, Steven goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied with the work. His concern for the customer and his delivery of excellent customer service meant a lot to me as a retired Manager of Customer Service. Once the job was complete, and as he was leaving, Steven noticed some shingles that had been blown loose from a different part of the house and recommended that we have them repaired. Given that he has a professional roofing background, I asked him if this was something that he could take care of for me and he was able to give me a quote and schedule the date on the spot. Quotes for both the cleaning and the roof repair were very reasonable and I am extremely happy with the quality of work.

Bill Grindle Avatar Bill Grindle
October 16, 2020

Would highly recommend this company. We had our roofs and gutters cleaned. I feel like we received excellent service at an affordable price... house looks new again.

Eric Petty Avatar Eric Petty
March 12, 2020

This is somebody you can count on doing a great job. Very hard working and the results are amazing.

Josh Igou Avatar Josh Igou
May 2, 2021